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If these photos have a mission, it is this: capture the beauty within every scene and environment and present them in an interesting way. It may be a lone tree in a green carpeted valley or the dark blue of an ocean wave. I want to call attention to the things that others ignore, because it is usually the hidden things that are the most beautiful. My hope is that these images will stir up unexpected feelings and thoughts in whomever stumbles upon them. My choice of subject comes from a place of instinct and is fueled by an ardent desire to partake in the stories that unfold around me. I seek the uncommon photos that may be invisible if not actively looked for. I like to take photos of nature’s great balance; of the good and bad that correspond to each other. I also take delight in photographing people in their natural ways because I am curious of what lays behind their eyes. Through my photos, I share the passage of time and the inevitability of fate. I have recently begun on an album of urban landscapes, attempting to use the scenery as a motif to show the idea of imagined space. This is because I know that through my viewfinder, I am creating the world I see.


Anthony Guntert grew up in Stockton, California and has been traveling since he was a baby, taking pictures on those trips since the age of seven. His parents have no photography experience but he picked up his on his own. He loves taking shots of buildings, monuments, close-ups in nature, and urban photography. He is currently a junior at the Marvelwood School in the wonderful backwoods of Northeast Connecticut.


Scholastic Art Award

Connecticut - 2018

Scholastic Art Award

National Finalist - 2017

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